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Job progression

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+1  took the same conclusion after going to the mines for the first place and thinking I was in a music festival after noticing all the RV's. Looked like an endgame location and I thought to myself I was playing a god damn MMO!  hahaha

Job progression wouldn't be hard to implement and would definitely add some difference to the server, however, due to the fact everything economically speaking is player-driven, it makes it harder to implement these.

What would be easy to add would be an extra percentage for jobs done, based off the hours you've spent whilst having that job.

For X hours with that job, you'd climb up in a job rank, made for each different job, or a standard measure for all jobs, whatever.  After leveling up a rank, you could get +5% more cash after completing deliveries.. and so on.


It is a fact that IRL there are well paid jobs, better than others, but let's not have just a single job as the meta, because going up to the mine looks exactly like either a music festival or an MMO XP/Gold Grind Fest where there's no RP but straight up grind.

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