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Food, Water, Thirst, Hunger Overhaul

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  • Thirst should continue to drain faster then hunger.
  • Add three types of food qualities, being low, medium, and high.
  • Higher quality foods will drain your hunger slower.
  • Gas stations and convenience stores should only be allowed to sell low quality foods.
  • Fast food restaurants should sell medium quality foods.
  • Restaurants should sell high quality foods.
  • All foods, whether in the store or in an inventory, should have an expiration date.
  • When a business buys more orders of a food, it will average the expiration date of current foods and the foods they're going to obtain.
  • Expiration time can be different depending on food and should be for at least a real life week or longer.
  • The cost for businesses to obtain higher quality foods will be more expensive than low quality ones.
  • Should not be able to eat if you're full.
  • Player's drain for hunger is based on the average of the last 5 foods you ate, so you need to keep eating high quality food to reap it's benefits.


  • Improves the economy, overall more food will be consumed and wasted.
  • Adds risk to businesses where they cannot put absurd prices and contain food on their shelves forever.
  • Adds new businesses, restaurants and fast food!
  • Makes a difference between foods, which currently there is none.
  • Taco bomb becomes more useful, selling medium quality foods allowing it to compete over convenience stores and gas stations.
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