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Tollbooth RULE/GAME suggestions

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At the moment, The tollbooth is often a hellhole of gatherings and influenced by the dirty sorts. Well, The very well planned out ones. There's often some borderline non-rp violations I have seen.

One of which being a video passed around of gang members (A non-official one but still very prominent in terms of effects on the server) on a mixed frequency communicating through it, One of which you hear. 'OPEN THE GATE OPEN THE GATE' as prior communication indicated they were being chased by the police. The footage from both the law enforcement stand point and the one captured by a stray gang member who was observing showed the toll booth attendant who was on the frequency itself open the gate for the haku drag that the police were chasing, Then immediately shutting it after it passed. 

You can also see the tollbooth attendant pull out a modified pistol and began to aim it at the police, Ready to open fire at the polis as the gate was closed. This resulted in multiple police cruisers stacking up at the gate demanding it open, With the attendant still aiming a pistol at a cop cruiser at the booth. Right next to him. The attendant then locked the booth, Went onto his own drag and with one final goodbye, Said 'Fuck you pig'. Then driving off to assist their fleeing ally, Which made it painfully known that they were in cohorts. The ex-toll booth attendant then bragged about his actions. 

Now, One problem I see here is that the tollbooth is a scripted job. Much like moneytrucks, postal vans and garbage collecting. It's a way for newplayers and your average civs to get around do a bit of fun., Not to be used and abused for criminal actions. 

My suggestions?

1) Make the tollbooth operator job operate like any other scripted job regarding the non-rp rules with scripted vehicles. 
• Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for anything other than its intended purpose. 

To include use and abuse of the tollbooth operator position for illegal actions and illicit gains. As again, It's a scripted job. 

2) Allow the two LEO factions, PD/SD to identify who the current tollbooth operators are. Be it through a feature on the mdc or a simple script check such as /checktollbooth to see who's currently manning it. Letting them be wary that 'Oh a violent offender who's part of a organized criminal organization is manning one of the most busiest roads tollbooth, it might fuck us later'.  Allowing them to have precaution before getting ambushed at the tollbooth due to said felon operator locking it and allowing the LEOS to get swarmed in and slaughtered by an ambush. 

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