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Economic Markets

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Hi guys.

do you guys think is good to have a place in city to show businesses valuations and total money supply circulating in eclipse RP?

currently is there anyways to see such information like the eclipse stock exchanges and central bank statistics?

I'm thinking if all economical data is shown, such as total circulating supply of money. Daily salary paid out to see inflation.. interests that controls inflation of money supply....  all this metrics are quite important to be honest...

maybe somewhere in the business districts of Eclipse a tall tower which allows such trading to happen. It would be interesting.

Even better if we can IPO and make businesses public where we can buy shares and stocks of publicly listed companies, maybe do trading such as shorting and longs on leverage using IOU to expose RP players to eclipse world economics?

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The economic aspect of the game I think is pretty basic. Would love to see it actually become alive and I really think if done right, it would make the game far more enjoyable. I mean I'm seeing most food go for hundreds of dollars and doing basic jobs going from A to B also give hundreds, sometimes thousands. The supply and demand isn't really there either. Anyone who took the trucker job realized that there is not enough demand or players, to even make that job worth pursing, unless it's just on the side. Many items don't get used often, nor do they spoil, or simply only get purchased once and never be bought ever again.

There is just too much problems with it currently. I have a business degree and could help the server if they need to build an actual economy, but many changes have to be made for that to even work.

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