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I saw that another guy suggested new interiors for 3g and 4g.. but I believe I have even better idea. 

Why cannot have empty interiors i mean empty walls in house and we could put ourselves all furniture, walls , windows where we want? Its not something new or imposible I saw it multiple times in SA-MP even was doing a lot of them in samp myself , GTA V servers and every interior would be unique. 

Just the size of empty interior could be different depend or its 1g or its 2g or 3g or 4g. 

Because i mean its a bit borring that everybody has the same interior its nothing special. And I do believe its would be not that hard to make 4 different size interiors and just code them for different houses.

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In my opinion, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G all should have different 'proprety buildings sizes'.

1G & 2G - should be a pretty small ones, as they are Apartments.

3G - should have a bigger one than the 1&2G.

4G - Should have the biggest size as it is a 4G, and most likely it would be a Mansion, so realistically, 4G's need a pretty big space.


I've suggested to maybe give 4G's Michael's interior, but they don't seem to respond..


Christmas decorations for Michael's house for GTA 5De Santa Residence | GTA Wiki | Fandom

Michaels House Full Retexture - GTA5-Mods.com Steam Workshop::Michael's House [GTA V]

It would be more suitable for Mansions or 4G's in general.

Also, with the new Apartments update and their new interiors; It wouldn't make sense that the new Apartment complexes (2G's) have a much bigger and better interior than the current 4G's one..

the current 4G interior is just not realistic for a 4G, when a 2G have a bigger & better interior..

Over all, good suggestion, +1 !

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