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How to protect yourself from rulebreakers

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So since the server is getting extremely popular because of the epic store, it's got people like me and others coming back to the game. Unfortunately, it's also bringing in loads of non-rpers and griefers. When I started RPing I found that majority of players either want to rob or kill me, without any intention of RPing whatsoever. The majority of players seem to be treating this as an RPG rather than an RP server. Now I get it, people are still new to RPing so we have to help and correct new players. However most of these players refused to hear me out and have treated this game like GTA Online. So I found out how to get evidence to make sure people who break the rules and think they can get away with it, are properly punished. In fact, many people are getting away with it and believe they cannot be ever caught, because unless you have a recording or someone in an admin position actually sees it, nothing will happen. So lets change that.

First off, you have to have a Geforce graphics card for this to work. Here the requirements, they are listed under 'Share and SHIELD PC Streaming'. This program has a feature that records you 24/7 but only saves a few minutes before the time that you tell it to do so. So for example, if you click save, it will save 15 minutes of recording before (not after) the time you clicked the save button. This is how you can make sure everything is always caught on video. Here are the steps.

  1. Install Geforce Experience here.
  2. Once Geforce Experience is installed, start up GTA V and while it's running, press Alt+Z to start up the Geforce Experience overlay.
  3. Click on instant replay and click on settings (make sure it isn't on so you can change the settings).
  4. Set the duration of recording you want saved, the longer the duration the more space it will wast on your storage, I recommend 10-15 minutes.
  5. For the quality, it's recommended to set it to low so the file size is small and it's easier to send it to an admin.
  6. Save your settings.
  7. Click on instant replay again and put it on.
  8. Press Esc and play as your would normally.

This may effect your performance slightly, if at all. After something happens that is against the rules, press Alt + Z, click instant replay, then click save. This will then save the recording, depending on how long you wanted it, to your gallery which you can then click in gallery and retrieve it. If your file size is too big to send, you can also trim it using windows or upload the file to youtube. Your welcome for those who are getting fed up like I was and finally got a solution. No more worrying about having enough evidence to report someone.

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