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Hey there i have gotten a ban from my ip adress and was wondering if you could remove the ip ban because i have members of family who are affected by theses conditions as my sister was hoping and willing to join my or her friends to play the game, i understand that you may be thinking its whatever so i will just make a new account, i understand my consiquences and im a man of my woord and understand that i have been given the punishment so i should take it or try to sort it out at my own accord,my sister has been admiring the game sincce i started playing and now that she has gotten herself a pc she would love to start playing. thank you, and i understand that you went ahead to do this becvause it is very wise to do. i just fell its unfair for the p[eople in my house who have brought the game gta just so that they can play roleplay, shes has seen me play different servers and by far she loves eclipse thank you for your time.

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