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Reginald Peppergrass

Starting a Private Company - Safe money transferring

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Hello everyone,


So I've been thinking about starting a private limo company, charge per hour with a minimum of 10 minutes. Trying to work around how to receive payment that would be safe for both parties. I have a few concerns. 

1. If charging after services are rendered, I will likely not get payed (player(s) would run)

2. If charging 100% up-front clients would be fearful of me not rendering services (Me driving off).

3. If charging some percentage up front, say 50/50 both previous scenarios could occur.

4. If cash is used the following could occur:

    a. Cash paid up front, then forcefully taken back after services are rendered.

    b. Cash paid up front or afterwards, but I could be robbed in transit to deposit.

    c. Pick up and/or drop off location would require an atm or bank location.  ATM's would be alright but still pose the threat of both parties being robbed. NCZ pickups might be the way to go but would severely limit pickup/drop off locations. 


Any suggestions?  How do people usually do this sort of thing? Any help or discussion would be helpful.


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