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Delay after "Phone Update"

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Account name: minin0la

Character name: Natawat Hebnak

Issue/bug you are reporting: Delayed of Script

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:

The problem started after the "Phone Update". It occurs when I use the commands, selecting something in menu, login and select the character.

For example, unlock/lock the door, Start engine, Go On Duty, Spawn Job Vehicles, Refill Petrol, etc. Probably everything that I do, I need to wait around 5-10 mins or more for the command to be executed.  However, the chat is fine. There was no delay. When I tried to go on duty, the message shown in the chat that I have gone on-duty. However, I did not get the uniform and I cannot spawn the vehicles.

Sometime I get kicked out of the car while driving. When I walked back to the car, it said it was locked. (It might because I was spamming the Lock/Unlocking button)

GIF:  https://imgur.com/puRnChX (Made by Jamal Ryder (ice2045#0206))

I have notice that this problem affected to player with high ping.

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