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The police cruiser is WAY too fast

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1 hour ago, Lord Pepe said:

@Anarchy Escaped the PD over 10 times in an Exemplar before they caught him, it's not about the car you are driving, it's about skill, if you hit a corner at 200KM/H in a super car and crash, it's your fault, not the cars.

I usually outrun the cops in my X80 aswell. But when you are on a highway for example going towards paleto bay they just drive in front of you ramming you.

Shouldn't be able to go that fast.

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Pretty much what Pepe said.
Forgot his name, the batman dude, he evades the police easily in his super car. 
Mike Rich (Simms) evades the police easily in his comet, even on the highway. 
Leon Chan used to evade us all the time in his exemplar. 

I'm not sure why you're not able to evade us. We've not had any more changes to our cars since the beginning of time.

Stock GTA V police cars aren't meant to be realistic, Rockstar did not intend on making this realistic. But when you turn GTA into an RP game mode, adjustments need to be made. Why are you evading in a super car in the first place? There wouldn't need to be any adjustments to police cars if people could properly play a role and not do something that no sane person would do in real life. (How often do you read about million dollar cars evading the police IRL? I watch pursuit videos quite often on YouTube.) 

"Owning an expensive car won't benefit you really as the police cruiser can outrun any car. "
The point of owning an expensive car shouldn't be to outrun the police. God, imagine if you crash it, the maintenance costs to repair that body and perhaps the engine or other components in the car. Oh, not really eh? 300 bucks at Mors and some more hundred at the mechanic shop for the engine.

Don't mean to come off as aggressive, just trying to get my opinion across. If people could stop evading in super cars, then our cars could be kept on the same level as all other cars.

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