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Big G Goods Union (Applications open)

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Big G Goods Union



Who are we?

We are the most fresh trucking faction ever. We all truckers who loves or job.
But we want more respect and more safety. We get robbed, and fined all the times. But we are much stronger. As our vehicles are the king of the road.
At this we're standing up. and try to get a revolution. No one will rule the real streets except truckers. We have to defend our selves. 


You want more safety on the road? More fun? Like truck meetings and bbq with your trucking mates. Well dont hesitate and send an application


In Character Information

Background Story:
Why would we let you truck with us:

Out Of Character Information

How long have you been Roleplaying:
Previous Factions:
Have you read the rules:
How active are you on a weekly basis:

More info will come very soon. 

Want to help with info and being a high member of our faction. Send an application. Or speak with Frank Davis in game.

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