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The Blackmarket

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The blackmarket is a newcomer to the Los Santos illicit goods and services scene. They setup shop inside an abandoned garage in the industrial disctrict from wich they started to conduct their business. Being able to blend in is vital to business so they keep a low profile by staying away from supercars and eyecatching vehicles instead they prefer to stick with discrete civilian vehicles, dirtbikes and vans to transport product with. They stay clear of petty squabbels with and between the other factions unless theres a profit to be made. The faction is still small but with  funds incoming from patrons in vice city and local recruitment open this could change rapidly.


(OOC info) I've started this faction with quality RP as a goal and the opinion that making money, escaping from the police or winning a shootout should not be the end goal of any faction. Making sure that whatever the outcome you do your best to make it a great Roleplay experience for anyone involved should be the end goal (If you win said gunfight thats just extra satisfying), thats why we're all on a RP server to begin with right? 

Want to know more or intrested in tagging along?  Post down below or send me a message and ill get back to you!


- Able and willing to use VOIP

- 18+ (No Squeakers)                                                                                                                                                   

- Understand this is a roleplay server so act accordingly

- Dont be an ass

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