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Welcome to my introduction thread. The following is my introduction to EclipseRP.

Hello there, and thank-you for viewing this thread. My name is Alex_River as per the forums and my IGN on the GTA5 Server. I am a Live Streamer from Twitch and I have joined this community to jump into the likes of RP. I have been playing this server for three days now and I have had great experiences thus far. As a streamer it is my job to create quality content and to do that I must listen to the stream. Prior to streaming GTA, I was streaming a game called "RuneScape" and I was only streaming Duel Arena staking videos.

IC Bio:

Alex River (born June 25, 1993) is a Canadian-American actor. River is best known for his active role as the host of the live stream "Pandaofark" on the long-running platform Twitch. Along with live streaming on Twitch, River is well known for his portrayal as a detective on the long running LS television sitcom "Detective, at will" 

Alex River was born in Ontario, Canada. His mother, Roxanne Lady, is a Canadian detective and former officer of the RCMP, and his father was never around to support the family. River was raised by his mother in Ontario, Canada and was enrolled at Queens University. While growing up, he took a keen interest in law and acting.

Alex River moved from Canada to the United States in 2017 in search of his father. River has been capturing his movement on camera for the live stream he has been hosting, it's his goal to find his father to ask him the one question he's been wanting the answer to his whole life. "Why did you leave?"
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