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Change the way player's name tags work

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The removal of name tags of players being above players heads (but not permanently). Use perhaps an arrow or other form of indicator to still know if a player is talking, before knowing their name. But allow for players to exchange names to enable the name tag above a player. Could be achieved by doing /exchangedetails <target ID> or /exde <target ID> which sends a request to the player with target ID (in close vicinity) and asks whether to accept or decline (similar to mechanic’s offers). This may find more sense being linked in with an update with phones, for example, adding a person to your contacts (again a request) can allow for their name to appear above the player’s head.

Please reply with any further improvements to this suggestion.

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I know this is a different concept of the name removal, but a similar thread was made in the past about name removal as you can see below --

It had mixed feedback when it came to removing the name. I understand your suggestion is slightly different however It still may get the same response.

Personally I believe its fine the way it is but I wouldnt mind if it was changed.


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