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Temporary Freeze/Invincibility During Transition

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It's pretty simple but it would equalize a situations of which a transition is required and eliminate the advantage and disadvantages of either.

When a player transitions through a door that changes dimensions or teleports the player to another part of the map.

  • Freeze the player for 5 seconds, giving a short 'pause'.
    • Frozen player can't shoot.
    • Frozen player can't move.
    • Frozen player is invisible.
  • Benefits
    • Permits the area and other players to load.
    • Grants all individuals a few seconds to communicate and add to RP.
    • Disallows camping a door and taking advantage of loading/rendering.
    • Forces hostile parties to be more tactical in placement or setup.
    • Can be used to render and prioritize assets to reduce falling through the floor.
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