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King Zaki

King Zaki [Admin Abuse Appeal]

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Account name: TheKingZaki
Character name: Zaki Savage
Reason of ban: Telling someone to fuck off in VIP Chat.
Administrator: Krazed (Corrupt)

Why should this appeal be accepted? 

This ban was an absolute joke. I made an /vnn with a promotional offer for my gun store saying 'Savage Nation Promotions: Free Bullets for all LSPD... You have to catch them though.'
I will admit it was a little bit edgy but it did follow the correct format and it was a legit advertisement. Krazed who is a high ranking cop instantly fined me 10k for it, I then msg in VIP chat saying 'fuck off give me back my money.'

I told him that there was nothing wrong with what I did and that I wanted my money back. He then threatens me and says if i tell him to fuck off again he will ban me. I was angry (rightfully) and I wanted my money back so i repeated my last message to him. He then bans me instantly for 7 days. This is not the first time my gang has had a problem with this specific corrupt police officer /admin. Previously he banned Cindy Savage for 12 hours (chat log: http://imgur.com/a/tzqkj) for no reason what so ever. This ban is 100% unjustified and  so was Cindy's and if you ask anyone that was in the VIP chat they would tell you that the ban was bullshit. I think this ban should be removed and this corrupt admin should also be removed. He clearly can't split his facts from his feelings.

EVIDENCE: https://youtu.be/5AN6xmWoIqg



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I did not ask a single person to up vote my unban appeal yet people have gone out of their ways to read and up vote my unban appeal. I just want to say that I appreciate everyone who has up voted and I hope the admins can agree with everyone in saying that I literally did nothing wrong.


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I literally did nothing wrong.

At the beginning of the video your faction members type "hey Krazed" referring to the recent incident between him and Cindy_Savage, then you decide to make an offensive VIP announcement towards the LSPD, knowing that Krazed is a police officer, right after that Cindy_Savage says "dont get banned man" which is another reference to Krazed.

What you have done wrong:
1. You have sent a VIP announcement with the intention to provoke Krazed.
2. You told a staff member to fuck off.
3. You told a staff member to fuck off again after he warned you that repeated insults will be met with a ban.

Your ban will not be lifted.

If anyone else has a problem with Krazed, you should report it to me. Harassment of a staff member is not allowed even if you claim that person to be corrupt.

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