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Hello. I came with another idea of roleplay - hitman organization. I know even on SAMP, also here on RAGEMP, hitman organization was always a debatable subject, was a restricted type of roleplay, because people think it's all about death matching and meta gaming. Such faction it's not welcome in a RP server. Personally, I've been thinking of such roleplay for months, and I evaluated every single aspect of it. We do not empower rulebreaking. The goal is to perform a realistic type of dark roleplay, we may act as a secret society also. What is mandatory, members should be aware of the rules. 


- Willing to roleplay (high-quality roleplay, more /me, /do)

-Willing to perform text roleplay (voice chat it's acceptable, but for screenshots and forum stuff, text roleplay it's more enjoyable to see)

-Experience it's not mandatory. If you're serious in what you do and you do it with passion, you're good to go.


-Willing to perform realistic illegal roleplay.


How to join

-Filling up application form. 

(Depending on the people's interest, application will be posted here, fill it up, and send it to me via PM).


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