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Police MDC Masked Players

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Hello, my in game name is Police Officer II Dekkar Darkmire, I am reporting a bug related to the arresting script on the server. Players that are masked, that remain masked at the PD, charges will not stick, and if you try to arrest them after typing the charges, they delete, and the system tells you "This player has no charges". However, if they remove the mask, the charges then stick and you can arrest them as normal.. But if they put the mask back on while your adding charges, it will again remove the charges unless you arrest them before then. So in summary, it seems to be that there is a conflict with players alternate mask ID - and the arresting system identifying him as the player ID.

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6 minutes ago, playeronesvk said:

So when he is tazed you should use roleplay way like /me tooks out mask of XXX_YYY. If he will dont remove mask you can report him... just telling you for now to id Rply :)

The MASK is OOC, as confirmed by a Developer, so there's absolutely no need for us to remove it using /me's unless they've put on a mask through RP means (which 9/10, they just /mask). Regardless of that, if you had read the bug report, you would understand that this has nothing to do with their masks being on, but rather a bug that disallows us from using our commands are intended.

We're meant to be able to perform actions against the MASK ID (NUMBER_NUMBER), but it's not possible to add charges to their mask ID through the MDC due to a bug in the script. 


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