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ChopShop changing location mid chop

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I'm sure a lot have people have experienced this issue when your chopping a vehicle and you've been there for 5 minutes waiting for the bar to fill up only to have location switch to the other side of the map. 

My suggestion is:

Amend the Chop Shop so that it doesn't change while you're chopping a vehicle. 

If someone has started to use the chop shop it must wait until it is complete or been cancelled. 

Let me know your thoughts,


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chop changes every time the phone hits 12 it takes roughly 8 mins to chop if you show up 5-8 mins before 12 might as well just wait and find the next one take all but maybe 5 mins to find chop and if they made it to where chop held out for someone chopping what happens if you have 5 buddy who show up after you and start chopping will it continue to wait? or are you more looking at if you start your chop the chop can move but you will still be able to finish yours

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