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Medic Leadership Applications

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Hello everyone, there has been a change in leadership within the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services faction and the chief position has become vacant. We need a person who is mature and can act professional, who can make unbiased decisions and who can uphold a high roleplay standard and the faction rules within the ranks of regular medics and faction commanders. If you feel confident enough to try, please answer the questions found below and send me a personal message with your answers.


1. How old are you?

2. Do you have good English skills?

3. Why do you want to lead this faction?

4. What is your past roleplay experience?

5. Do you have any past experience as a faction leader?

6. What do you think the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services faction is for, what is it's purpose in a roleplay server?

7. Is there anything you want to improve in the existing Los Santos Emergency Medical Services faction, what and how?

8. Links, attachments to your previous work management work and/or contribution:

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