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East Side BALLAZ Formation

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East Side Ballaz Formation: its a new set of the famous BALLAZ FAMILY, the set of the gang Was lately formed by Crawford Brooks who Was the member of the South Side Groove, because of the situations that forced him to do this, he couldn't accept that these "gangbangers" choosed money over homies. This gang wants to bring the city a new meaning of the "meance" and new meaning of "loyalty" this gang is all about them colors. The inside rules of the gang were made to bring people together and do whatever it takes to make people be feared of east side ballaz.

We are BALLAZ, we have no fear to nobody, if u will try start somethin' with us, we will deliver death back to u, if u will try to do something to our society, we and our family will destroy everything u have, no matter how rich or poor u are, we will bring the pain. If police will try to start something with ballaz, the ballaz will resist in progress in all meanings.





On El Burro Heights u can see only old school cars, because if u have a rich mans car, that will mean that u have the money, so if u have the money why u did not put them into ballaz, if u have money do it, show the city who we are, represent us, being rich on El Burro Heighs means u are respected by everyone there, u have the best weapons and u already did something for the ballaz.






Did you ever played in gangs on RP servers?:











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