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Ak Disappeared from My Bike

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Date and time (provide timezone):12/10/19 BST GMT +1 

Character name: Kolt Chambers

Issue/bug you are reporting: 

so i was going around with my buddy on the day, i grabbed my AK from my apartment and put it in my bike ready to go ( I have the footage ). About 10 - 15 minutes later, i check my bikes inventory, this being the first time that i got off of it and it was locked at all times, and the AK was gone. My game had crashed a few times in-between but i dont know if it disappeared because i crashed or if someone was quick enough to picklock my bike between the time that i had crashed and logged back on. Are you able to see where it went? or if my bike was picklocked etc? An admin said that senior admins can check inventory logs. Basically all i need is some clarity as to whether the AK was stolen or if it just disappeared.

Expected behavior:  For the AK to either still be there or it was stolen.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Uploading evidence later. You also cant replicate your game crashing. But we did from the back of the bank up to the drug labs and back down to an area near weasal news.

Vehicle license plate numberHN5IFXYS (Bati 801)

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