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[Mechanics] Miscellaneous Labor Offer

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As most of the mechanics here know, we have our standard PDA system that charges specific orders and tacks on labor to it. Looks like this.


Clearly, we use the 0 option to charge for modifications, the order automatically puts in the price of parts and we just add our labor.

We don't use the 1 option because it charges the same parts price as 2, but instead only fixes the engine only, and we just tack on labor to that as well. Parts price is automatic, as per usual.

However, we don't have a way to JUST charge the customer labor for various things, such as towing, flipping their car, or bringing them jerry cans for emergency fueling (since we can't tow motorcycles).

I think we would be better off with an option to specifically just charge labor, so that way we can earn money into the faction for things like the actions listed above. Obviously, it'd be best to keep to where the customer has to accept or decline the offer, so as not to be abused. We just need a way for the customer to pay for a tow without having to pay in cash, or having to do a random repair just to charge the customer labor.

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