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1. Remove all car keys when people are not online, whos having car keys, maybe can make time for how long they can use keys. For example commands /removekeys /givekey id true days/time

So, few months ago, I decided to work on new business - "Rent a super car" people are renting these every week, someones is renting for more then 1-2 weeks. After people renting, they got no time to met up to give these keys back, and Iam not writing every of them in my notes, so when I have new client, Im giving them new copie of keys, but last guy who did rented always have spare keys to get in the car too. For like last times, I got situation when people cant find their cars back, these even have been taken from NCZ. So this new command would help not only for business purposes, but in decent things too.

2. Credit store / F6

Regarding that, sometimes people are having way too much credits, and theres nothing to buy too. Like I think that would be nice if you could add more /house slots, /Vehicle slots. Like there are plenty of people who flippin the houses, 5 houses sometimes is nothing, but that would help a lot to not brake "transfer request" rules, I would agree if after every house slot there would be extra charge of 1k credits.

Regarding vehicle slots - like, I bought tones of these, I though that will help with my slots in when cars are out, but seems not. Like at this moment I can have only 5 cars out. Like this week, I got 8 cars rented, I am happy cause my customers can get the vehicles out of garage, but I cant get any car for me, or I should ask people to park their cars, let me get my 1, and then they can unpark, that should be added+1 when people are buying /vehicle slots.

3. Trailers for seasharks/boats

So like when I bought Seashark from Dealership, and If I have my place where I wish to leave that seashark far away from town, I got to use it on water to get somewhere, realistic thats not really possible to do that, so that would be nice, if you would add Boat Trailer https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Boat_Trailer so people can load their seashark,boats in it, and drive like to places like Bayview, LSC to mod these, and move these to any place they would like to.


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