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Unable to hear VC, but can talk

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Date and time (provide timezone): 9/24/19 9:00PM MST

Character name: Aiden RugCutter

Issue/bug you are reporting: Unable to hear any other users voice chat. I see the green light up and everything but cant hear. They can hear me but i cant hear them.

Expected behavior:  Voice Chat in game set up as normal. Push to talk button set and working, My voicebox lights up to talk. But cant hear other server members

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I have uninstalled and resinstalled RAGE MP, Reinstalled GTAV, Restarted client, computer, network.. I have restarted everything and troubleshooted all commands /vol proximity 100 still cant hear any other users.. I have turned off all other sound playback devices to funnel them all to the same. Still not working. I play on FiveM on Gods Plan RP and there has never been an issue other than lately after the update i have to reset my Voice Chat every so often. Thats server related tho I believe. RAGE MP Forums told me to come report here.


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