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Additional Gas Station for Boats

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Currently we have only two choices too refuel boats. 

1. Travel all the way down south to the bottom of the map to only gas station available from boats
2. Purchase jerry cans by the boat load

My issue with the first choice is that the south side of the map is barley used for boats meaning its a good 20 minute drive from the current available islands. I feel adding a second gas station for boats in the Paleto area would be a great quality of life addition for the server. If the main concern with adding a gas station too Paleto is the one down south would receive minimal business if any we should allow the current owner of the south gas station to own both with the catch being scriptly they share the same gas capacity.
I don't really have an issue with option two other than having to hope one of the 24/7s near the shore have 4 jerry cans available.

Currently the gas station for boats down south is just a single gas pump on a dock which could easily be added to north end of the map the same way.

Thanks for reading 


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