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Falling Through ground then not seeing cars/people

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14:00 GMT+2


Issue/bug you are reporting:


I spawn in prison (yard) because i had to log out. When I spawn I just fall through the ground and i could see up and saw 2 people standing in the prison itself and i spawn back in the yard. I run around and fall through the floor once more and just respawn where i spawned before.

So i wait for my prison sentence. I run to the city and i hear cars buty don't see any. I decide to run to the bank because people would be there and i had to take out money. No people there, no cars, no npc's, i can't even use atm or bank when i press E.

I think okey i'll go up to the store where a lot of gang members are because there always are cars there. But 0 cars, just nothing.


I have restarted multiple times over the course of this happening and i fall through floor first and then respawn on the spot where i fell through.



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