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Add a New Drag Command for DOC/Law Enforcement

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I think that a new command for DOC should be made that could also be used by the other Law enforcement department. It would be a command similar to /drag but one that keep the inmate/10-15 close to the officers body or even stuck to the officers body for when an officer needs to grab ahold of a 10-15 causing problems like running away inside the cell block while handcuffed and not following instructions. The rebuttal to this command would be that it could be used to power game, but I would say that all the inmate/10-15 has to do is rp breaking away from the grab of the officer and the officer can just ooc ungrab them if the rp is valid. I feel that this would help the DOC the most cause inmates constantly run away after being tazed multiple times and rply held down and still run away breaking the rules. I will link a video clip of the example that lead me to create this. Please leave any additions or ideas in the comments.

Link to Example: https://youtu.be/UEK2DK3rtzA?t=455

The example starts right away so done end up watching the whole vid unless you have to. Its been time stamped.

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