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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.0.8

  • Added /ame to display a text over the player every time he fails to start his engine due to stalling
  • Added crate saving in vehicles once a player disconnects
  • Added /crates to view the crates in player and vehicle inventories
  • Added more illegal weapon shipment options, allowing factions to choose different sized shipments and made weapons more affordable
  • Added drug potency
  • Added a custom marker streamer to increase client performance
  • Added wheel types and 600 new wheels (may be removed at any time if it starts crashing the players)
  • Added more paint types or vehicles (classic, metallic and pearlescent, matte, metal and chrome)
  • Added /911 call to store robberies
  • Added wheel rim color customization
  • Added tyre smoke color customization
  • Added commands to toggle tyre smoke and neons (/neons, /tyresmoke)
  • Added /salary requirements and progress for government faction employees
  • Added tattoos and additional clothing variety
  • Added over 15 new options for character creation (eyebrows, facial hair, facial features and more...)
  • Added taco vendor's job (truck, headquarters, food an health restoration)
  • Added a script that enables mechanics to use the flatbed truck to transport other vehicles
  • Added ability to remove hat, glasses, top, shirt...
  • Added a small welfare payment for players who are not employed by the government and who are not engaged in any other money grinding
  • Added a scrapyard where players can sell their unused vehicles for an extremely low price
  • Added custom taxi fares - the taxi driver can send his client an offer
  • Changed store robberies to use /ame instead of /me when grabbing cash
  • Changed /dropgun to work as /leavegun to leave a weapon on the ground
  • Changed /putgun to /putpart, /putallgun to /putallpart, /takegun to /takepart, /takeallgun to /takeallpart, /dropgun to /droppart
  • Changed all illegal item commands to require that a vehicle's engine is turned on
  • Changed /givekey to allow the used of player IDs or partial names instead of full player name
  • Changed warehouse shipment notifications and timers
  • Changed cruise mode, so the minimum cruise speed cannot be lower than the player's current speed
  • Changed store robbery blips to be displayed only to law enforcement officers once the silent alarm is triggered
  • Changed ATM controls to allow players to enter a custom amount of money for deposits and withdrawals
  • Changed the /modview user interface design
  • Changed the location of the low-end vehicle market and vehicle market price limit thresholds
  • Changed the license suspension command to suspend weapon permits rather than both suspend and revoke them
  • Increased turf capture point health
  • Increased maximum ATM capacity to $40.000
  • Increased engine stall timer by 5-10 seconds (based on circumstances)
  • Decreased ammunition price by 20% from illegal shipments
  • Decreased weapon permit cost from $30.000 to $10.000
  • Disabled the use of radio or /911 while handcuffed
  • Disabled animation canceling while mining
  • Removed storage capacity from and fuel consumption from bicycles
  • Removed subtitle notifications when entering or exiting a turf
  • Removed stranger's mask from general stores, because it caused confusion to new players
  • Removed /vc - VIP chat command, because it's been causing OOC problems and taking players away from IC events
  • Removed global police arrest messages to reduce metagaming
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to purchase weapon stores that were already owned
  • Fixed a bug that allowed gangsters to capture turfs that were placed under cooldown
  • Fixed a bug that did not cancel turf capture once a gangster had disconnected
  • Fixed a warehouse bug that caused players to remain stuck in another dimension
  • Fixed a bug where weapons were not being received by players under certain circumstances
  • Fixed dragging injured people for medics when entering or exiting the hospital
  • Fixed a bug that caused faction member rank label to hover in the air after disconnect
  • Fixed a bug that caused turf health to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed some structures in the mechanic code that were vulnerable and could cause crashing
  • Fixed VIP automatic lock script that used to lock players out of their CityBee vehicles
  • Fixed  an animation exploit that can be used to slowly teleport through walls and gates
  • Fixed a house lock bug that caused the doors to remain unlocked after a server restart
  • Fixed a bug with /ame that caused text labels to hover in the air until a server restart
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed truckers to unload cargo anywhere on the map
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to fill their fuel tanks anywhere on the map
  • Fixed weapon store labels with newbie instructions, they should be visible again
  • Fixed an offshore money distribution bug that caused government factions to claim a significant part of that money
  • Fixed a bug that prevented government faction members from toggling their uniforms
  • Fixed mechanic workshop doors to be opened for everyone regardless of their savegame progress
  • Fixed a bug that prevent players from quiting the garbage man job
  • Fixed a bug with clothing that caused visual glitches (like seeing skin or other clothes through clothing)
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