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james st patrick

cant get my car out of house

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Date and time (provide timezone): 18:35 BST

Character name: Jamez_Stpatrick

Issue/bug you are reporting:  last night i put my car in my house before logging off for the night its a new car that i recently that day  when i search /vehicalstats it says car is in house parking but when i view the house it doesnt say its on the list   iv spoken to one admin and he said he cant help on that and said i needed a head admin to sort 

Expected behavior:  dont know what you mean by this  

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:   all i did last night was put the car into my house and log off for the night when i got back on this morning it wasnt there i also lost furniture in my house 3 bags  6 heavy pistols  2 empty ,50 pistols   2 knifes  and alot of random stuff  

Vehicle license plate number*: Y4SJNKB4


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