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Cannot Mod Car

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Account name: Nubbsauce

Character name: Varro_Dalison

Issue/bug you are reporting: Cannot modify my car. Every time I go to the mechanic, type in /modview, select the modifications I want and exit, I don't get a notification saying that it saved or anything. Once I exit the /Modview screen, I can no longer Start/Stop my engine, or Lock/Unlock my car. The car I have is the Sheava (ERT1).


Attempted Fixes:

-Admin de-spawned and had me re-spawned it at Mors, problem still existed.

-Admin tried to /modview my car to see if he could force it to work. Problem still existed.

-Tried to have Mechanic mod vehicle at the same time as me /modview ing it. Problem still existed.


The ONLY thing that fixed the issue, to where I could lock/unlock/start/stop, is when I reconnected. However, the issue happened again once i tried to /modview again.


Please help!


Evidence (optional): No video Yet. Will add one once I can.

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