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Eva Phoenix

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Hello, my name is Eva.  
I feel like I should be sitting in front of a therapist as I write this; ironic considering I am a qualified Psychiatrist, well was.  
Last year, my husband Seth died from suicide.  You can imagine the turmoil of being someone who spends their life helping others only to be blissfully unaware of her own husbands mental state.  He left no letter, he always smiled.  My faith in my work has dwindled and after a while of consideration I left everything behind in England and travelled to somewhere I can start again, where no one knows me.  So here I am! My first few days have consisted of losing my luggage, losing my shoes (twice), being introduced to mining, narrowly missing being shot at and having a car to sleep in.  
Perhaps there are people in this city that need my help, but is that for their benefit...or my own?

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