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Taxi Cab Confessions - Ryan Gusto

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An Article by Ryan Gusto. Reporter, Weazel News.

I want to take you on a drive along I was honoured to be part of with DCC. My journey consisted of asking passengers and also the driver questions on how DCC operates and also what she and the public thought about DCC cab company is it worth the money are the staff professional and does the company go up and beyond to give that guaranteed customer service.

I joined Mika Kari, Assistant Manager of Downtown Cab Co on a call to see how a routine pickup would install and the process of what goes on behind the scene.

Opinions were mixed but it seemed that people respected the prices for travel and also the customer service that they were given and that they relied on DCC more than other people would think.


A question that was put to Mika Kari was ''Do you find the job dangerous?'' She replied she had been mugged a couple of times... Which she found not nice however she understood that sometimes no matter what job you're in there is always dangers that must be faced.

An interview took place and Mika Kari was more than willing to give us a little insight to how she become a DCC driver and what give her the ambition to be part of DCC.

My general opinion on spending the day with Downtown Cab Co suggested to me that the company as a whole are professional fair and they go to extra mile to create that 100% customer satisfaction. I was shocked to hear a customer use the word "reliable" and maybe that's what attracts people.


So the total evaluation is if you want a great customer based trip DCC is the way to go. Excellent staff. a great attitude towards customers and an always on time attitude. DCC is always just one call away.

You can contact Downtown Cab Co on 1111. Who knows, you might even meet Mika Kari.

Thank you for reading.


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