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James "Jim" Calhoun Fyfe

Experienced RPer Arrives!

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Thought I'd toss up a post since my character James Fyfe has been kicking around Los Santos for a couple days, hell-bent on scraping enough cash together to buy a gun license so he can pack heat like all his childhood heroes like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and any other male protagonist from a good Western flick. I'm hoping to bump into a decent group of folks here, preferably of the actively RPing variety. I don't shy away from adult themes, far from it, I encourage situations which allow for adult choices, actions, and consequences. I have a fair bit of experience in text-based RP, mostly kink-related but not exclusively by any means. I can play out a simple social exchange just as well as I can handle a dungeon playroom. James seems like the type who tries to stay on the side of the law, but we all know that the criminal element in Los Santos has a powerful undertow that can drag even the most high-minded into those murky depths. 

At any rate, I look forward to meeting you all and your characters! Feel free to reach out to James if you're interested in some good RP, particularly the naughty kind... Oh and by the way, he's very much a braw Scottish man, just try to bear with my attempted accent if you hear me talking. Okay?

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Greeting to you and it is nice to see a possible high quality roleplayer. Dont get too excited as sometimes it does require some time and effort to have a good/deep roleplay scenario here as most of the stuff is not to a high level, sadly. But nonetheless more good roleplayers will bring the level of other's rp up as there will be someone to learn from. 

When you say text based RP are we talking about other GTA servers or something like RP-nation forum?

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