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Emir Bellic

ROLEPLAY and guns

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I think you guys need to make rp points worth something.I broke my ass into my character and bunch of people want to hangout with me just because of my acting skills.They all said that.While other guys dont give a shit.And in the end of the day i get warning from admins because i didnt reacted on fear rp from some prick.You have ROLEPLAY in the name which means it should me the most worthfull thing on the server.And guns rules,import and stuff...So you basically gave a few gangs permission to fuck with others and make them pay taxes without scratching the ass on the server...i can be like whole day harvesting there and get robbed everytime i try do crack or heroin or simple mining thing just because i am not the gang and i dont want to pay someone 10k just because he showed at the server and he have acces to guns and i dont.There is so little chance of gang improvement that everyone want to be in the biggest gang ,be rich and shoot others.While "Others" cant do shit about it.Cops are like robots,they all go by the book,nothing real life into it.Maybe justice system can be applied,so we can have lawyers and judges,it would be fun you know.So we can let Judge decide how much debt should we pay and not the cop who had bad time for arresting me and wants to make revenge on me just because i said his roleplay sucks. Think about it.

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