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I cannot sign in

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I created an account earlier this year and passed the test I believe (I hardly got to play). I became really busy irl and was unable to play for quite some time. I'm trying to sign in while in the program and it keeps saying the password is incorrect. I've successfully changed my password 2 times now on the website but it doesn't register on the program. 


Thank you.

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- The Panel Login and In Game Login Username and Password are the same.

- Your forums login information should not be the same as your Panel/IG login.

Finally, you did say you "BELIEVE" you passed. If none of the above is working, and a password reset does not work - im assuming you never registered an account with that information and you would need to do so now. 

Right now the wait time ranges from 1-4 hours for new quizes so its not to big of a hassle! Please let me know if this helps, if not - please reach out for more!

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