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Colt Wesson

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Colt Wesson, a San Andreas native, was born on May 22, 1980 in the rural town of Grapeseed, just north of Sandy Shores. Colt grew up on a relatively small ranch with two siblings and his parents. His parents were a loving couple, but they were demanding, especially when it came to integrity and hard work. Along with his siblings, Colt was often required to perform tough farm work, which interfered with his school often. Colt's grades weren't of much concern to his parents, as they cared only for that Colt grows up to be a productive member of society. 

During the late 90s, Colt had attended high school in Grapeseed. Similarly to other kids his age, Colt didn't care much about the higher education. He held the belief that he needed to learn the basics and that the rest is hard work in order to become successful. Nevertheless his beliefs, Colt wasn't a mean spirited student. He held deep respect of teachers and his colleagues. Even though instilled with a sense of indifference toward school, Colt tried his best to seem that he cared in order to satisfy his teachers. Moreover, Wesson never got into any sort of trouble (most likely due to the discipline his father provided in the early years). 

When it came to graduation in 1998, Colt decided not to pursue college education. He witnessed that hard work pays off, especially through his father's success in the farming industry. This experience, however, did not influence Colt's career decision. While looking for a job out of high school, he found a low wage yet rewarding job in Grapeseed. He became a transport driver, stocking the stores in Sandy Shores with produce from Grapeseed. A few months after, Colt received a promotion and received more delivery work around Blaine County. This job was a great fit for Wesson; he felt that he was being a productive and useful human being. While on the road, he met a plethora of people from all kinds of socio-economic status. He had no trouble with connecting with the people of lower classes or enchanting the folks of higher class with his good spirited attitude and charisma. 

However, all things come to an end sometime. After 10 years of working deliveries as a truck driver in Grapeseed, Colt found himself stranded in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis. Companies foreclosed and delivery jobs became more scarce around his parts. Therefore, he decided to scratch up his savings and move into the city of Los Santos. Although reluctant of city living, Colt had to adapt to the New World Order. Luckily, he found a truck driving job in the industrial docks area which connected him back to going to the northern San Andreas territories. This career continued until today and Colt still can be found on I-1, driving toward his destination.

As of today, Colt Wesson finds himself in the heart of Los Santos, ridden with violent crime which he blames the influx of immigrants and the government's inaction for.

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