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Setting up an Armenian faction!

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Hey guys!

I'm willing to set up an Armenian faction based in Los Santos. Further information about the faction will be posted in the faction sub.
But that'd only be possible if I know if there are actual people who are interested in joining my faction or not.

Armenian Power 13, also known as AP, the Armenian Mob, or Armenian Mafia is an Armenian criminal organization and street gang located in Los Angeles County, California. They are involved in drug trafficking, murder, assault, fraud, identity theft, illegal gambling, kidnapping, racketeering, robbery and extortion.

You are probably thinking, but, why Armenian? It's because I'm tired of seeing the same factions all the time. It's always your typical cartels around etc. No offense at all!
And I'm also an Armenian myself!

I'm looking of putting a lot of effort into this faction, but that wouldn't be possible if there aren't enough people who would be interested in joining an Armenian faction. 
No, you don't have to be Armenian to join this faction at all. Shoot me a DM on discord if you are interested please!



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Personally never liked ideas of re-creating RL organisations ig. Besides you are saying that you are tired of the typical cartels around, but then you list what AP13 do and it ends up being the same stuff that any other typical gang does. So how exactly from RP perspective this faction gonna be different?

The only different faction and Im not saying cuz Im in it, is NLA. A Latin gang that has said no to narcotics (do not cook drugs like the rest), has their territory/place where they hang out like 80% of the time (does not chill around bank) and closely follow their background story and what they do.

But yeah, Im keen to hear more about your original ideas of how to present this organisation and what exactly is that cherry that will set you apart from others.

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