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Klondike - Game Crashes while connecting to server

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Issue Being Reported: While trying to join the server, my game crashes immediately after the download is finished. I have tried deleting my Client Resources folder but no luck. As soon as "Compiling client-side scripts" begins, the game freezes. Any idea how to fix this? I was able to get to the server login screen a few weeks ago but coming back now i cannot.

Thanks in advance!

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 11:20 am PST

Your characters name: N/A

Other player(s) involved: N/A

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning

Error Message.PNG

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Hello, I have the same issue, I recently joined the server, the client resources started to download but were stuck at 313 from 314 and the game freezes and after 1-2 minutes it crashes.

I have deleted the folder from client_resources, not using steam and no mods. But still when attempting again every time is freezes and crashes at 313 from 314.


Could you please archive the folder and upload to wetransfer.com (around 50 MB) and then share the link with us so we can extract to client_resources folder to avoid the downloading in server? Maybe that way it will work. 


Thanks in advance.

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@aqlvin@Klondike, I currently don’t have the latest version of the client resources folder but I do have one from an update ago. This may help you get some of the way. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NhXF2qBrl627R8GeRDcMtXUFqpCVs4qq/view?usp=drivesdk Credit to @Aieos who made this. If this doesn’t work PM @Aieos on Discord and politely ask him to update him. Alternatively if you wait 2 days I will be able to update it.

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@EmulsifyThat fix didn't work for me. No mods either. I verified GTA5 game cache, re-downloaded Rage launcher, used those Client resource files you linked, and still no luck. I'm stuck! I have no idea what would conflict with this program to cause it to crash, as GTA5 works normally if I want to play GTA online, but trying to connect to Eclipse causes it to crash still after it begins to compile client-side scripts.

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Make sure you extract the folder from the and merge or overwrite your old folder in the client_resources.
Another thing is to make sure you have VCredist 2015 installed as rage is dependent on that.
If you have any in-game overlays, such as like teamspeaks overwolf, or sometimes discords may cause issues, I recommend disabling those and testing if it will work.


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@Emulsify @Aieos @aqlvin I appreciate all your responses! This has been a trip trying to fix lol.


@Emulsify I have only attempted to connect to Eclipse, but I just tried to join another server from the Rage launcher list and it also gave the same error. This is very weird and it has to be some small dumb setting that is breaking it lol.

@Aieos I have extracted the folder that was linked and deleted all others before copying it into my client resources folder and it still didn't work. I also checked for that VCredist file and have many other years but not 2015. I tried installing the 2015 version but it failed to install as i had other versions. Is it critical that I have 2015? (See photos for my VCredist versions)

@aqlvin I have looked through that thread and it didn't seem to be my exact issue but i tried nonetheless. Seemingly no effect though unfortunately, after running compatibility mode for both windows 7 & 8 (I have a windows 8 system) plus opening in Administrator mode, it still crashes as soon as the server download finishes and the client-side scripts begin to download. Opened steam first then Rage, same thing. Opened Rage first and having that open steam for me also didn't work. 


Thank you all for your help so far but still no luck 😞

VCRedist versions.PNG

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