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Bug on a Manchez.

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Date and time (provide timezone): Whenever i try to make a wheelie, no specific time.

Character name: Dimitri_Ignatkovic

Issue/bug you are reporting: Wheelie on a particular Manchez.

Expected behavior:  Wheelie

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Admin tried to help me, didn't work.

Vehicle license plate number*: BTOW9GPY


I've been having a bug with my Manchez from the moment I got it.
I can not make a wheelie on my own bike. Other bikes are no problem to make a wheelie on.
My friends ( and a admin also tried ) can make a wheelie on my bike.

My character is leaning backwards when I try to wheelie, and you can see the wheel lifting off for like a centimeter or 5.

The admin 'YuSoHelpful' did his best to help me. He 'reset' my character and tried various things.
He can make a wheelie on my bike, I just can't.

I've tried relogging, rebooting pc, other bikes ( wheelie works on every other bike ).

I get the feeling that it is related to my character and my bike, I'm the only individual who can't make a wheelie on THAT bike.

Here is a GIF of YuSoHelpful helping me :')

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@Senhyro hello, thank you for your bug report, if others can use your bike to perform wheelies and it's just you, then this is a client-side issue, we cannot assist you. If you believe it to be character related, you could create a new character and use it to test the bike out. if this doesn't work, means it's impossible for us to help you.

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