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An open letter to the admin, mods, support staff

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Sometimes I find myself browsing the player report forum and archive. Aside from the time spent reviewing EVERY report, reviewing ALL video footage, dealing with the complaints and some people acting childish, they then sit down and come to a conclusion and write a very detailed response to the player's actions and outlining the reasons behind the punishments given or not given for the events that transpire. 

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your dedication to the server and it's players! You guys help make this place better! 





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I love your message 😄

I remember on June 18 I posted this on my profile:
After an huge wave of player applications, ECRP finally completely dominated the waiting list! All the work they put in teaching new players, setting up the Quiz Team back then, opening applications for support, reviewing reports and many more things... After that moment, I decided to attempt and join the Staff team too and I still try now.
I think if you really appreciate their work, it is a good idea to consider joining aswell.

I think we should show love on the forum more often though, so I really like your message to them ❤️

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