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Los Santos Democratic Freedom Party

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The Los Santos Democratic Freedom Party is a political party unique to our region. We are independent and not aligned with other political organisations. It is our goal to instate a real democracy in Los Santos. We want to improve the quality of life in LS by ensuring more democracy, frequent and fair elections, better public safety and working conditions & more culture and happiness for all.



The Los Santos Democratic Freedom Party appoints the First Chairman Theodore Connor as the candidate for the next elections. Theodore Connor is a decorated veteran and retired Police Captain that has served the government on a city and state level in various law enforcement departments and joint task forces throughout his career. Since his retirement, he has dedicated his time to humanitarian aid work and volunteering in the community.


Theodore Connor's personal message:


Since the opening of our new City Hall, I have been eager to participate in the elections as a regular voter, as this was promised to us by Commissioner Sebastian Freeman. The year is almost over, but we have had no elections and there is no Mayor (or any other representative) in sight.

The conditions in the city have not improved since, it is quite the opposite. While the population is growing, we lack real leadership within the government. An accountable government that acts according to the will of the people and helps provide anything that is necessary to improve the lives of all. Since nothing is changing for the better, it is time for citizens and community leaders to step up and demand their rights, and therefore I have decided to run a campaign for the office of the mayor.

With my decision to found the Los Santos Democratic Freedom Party, I want to invite people to help lead us into a better future of democracy and freedom. I want to inspire every citizen to show an interest in the government and our democracy, because the power to make positive changes lies in all of our hands. I want to challenge every leader in Los Santos to compete against me and others in fair debates, democratic campaigns and elections, for we can only expect improvements from a Mayor that strives to be better than the rest, proving himself to the people.

It is my motivation to leave a noticeable difference between the time before and after Theodore Connor in office. I want to make a great impact and help establish a system that allows people of LS to make their voices heard. A system that allows a smooth and speedy transition of governments after elections. A system that leaves candidates and elected representatives alike no choice but to meet face to face with the people, making them accountable for their words and actions. A transparent system that has no room for corruption or mismanagement.

Help me anticipate the coming elections wherever we go and whoever we talk to. And if you want to have a strong leadership that will invest all government resources in the improvement of our lives, then trust me with your vote. We must give more meaning to government than licensing and taking money away from the people without giving back.



These are our short- and long term goals. We strive to combat a decrease of quality of life in LS by maintaining and improving all of these sectors, regardless of the offices that we hold. This is our vision and it serves as a guideline to follow in all of our projects. These goals are subject to change, determined by party internal democratic processes.


Establish a network of like-minded individuals to exchange ideas and visions to shape our city. Connect with interest groups, businesses, government institutions and NGOs to find out about their needs and help them share resources.

Find strong leadership among the supporters and volunteers of the Los Santos Democratic Freedom Party to help overcome the challenges that we will be facing in the future, such as campaigning for elections, forming a government and more. We need individuals with a mind of steel to fill positions in our future cabinet. Of course, we will also need successors to lead our cause.


Help make housing more affordable and transparent. Enable temporary housing through opening of hotels. Implement legislation to hold both tenants and landlords accountable. Implement legislation to cap maximum real estate prices in low income neighborhoods. Provide government support for family households.

Make legal work safer and more rewarding by helping to establish interest groups and unions. Create more solutions for start-up businesses. Help create more rental solutions for office and storage space, work vehicles and equipment. Create daily rewarding work opportunities at City Hall. Allow tax refunds for business expenses, such as vehicles and equipment.

Public Safety
Implement long-term strategies and research. Organise all government resources to analyse and increase efficiency in each public safety sector. Make government budgeting and attempts of corruption public and transparent. Provide all agencies with the latest technologies, most modern equipment, vehicles and rights to carry out their duties. Form joint task forces made up of members of all government and civilian agencies.


Frequently host public events for all citizens to partake in. Support events and initiatives all over the city, organised by individuals, groups and businesses. Make Los Santos more fun in general by increasing the number of events drastically.

Open a Los Santos Community Center to provide a safe space for gatherings, talks, arts, cultural events, workshops and more. Provide places of worship and support to religious and cultural communities. Support all initiatives that aim to unite the people of Los Santos.

Create rewarding systems to help sportsmen, entertainers and other specially gifted local talents become known to the people and make an honest living. Increase number of sports competitions of all kind. Support private initiatives and leagues with government resources.


More Democracy
Implement systems that allow more citizen interaction with the government. Host debates, speeches, press conferences and public sessions for citizens to interact with each other or their government. Allow all Los Santos citizens to partake in direct democratic votes to support, oppose or petition legislation. Make a long-lasting impact and create structures that allow citizens of all backgrounds to dedicate their lives to city politics and make a change.

City Gov
Make the city government more efficient by reorganising its structure. Implement flat hierarchies and modern strategies to combat excessive bureaucracy and corruption. Hire dedicated community managers to help citizens and provide them with service and rewarding opportunities daily. Increase city government and citizen interaction drastically. Steer the government away from policies of taxation without representation or accountability.

Help establish an independent trial system. Due to court factions not being able to provide a 24/7 service and also proving rather in-efficient currently, we want to faciliate our resources to help boost the establishment of a proper court in which citizens can achieve justice.



Do you want to become active and help shape your future? Join our network of supporters by sending us an e-mail ((PM)) and always be up to date on political events and news. Trust your  LSDFP representatives with your democratic vote and hold them and others accountable for their actions. Help us create a proper government that represents your will.

Do you want to take a step further and accept a leadership role within your community? Are you reliable and tranquil enough to lead people and factions together instead of creating division? Do you want to hold a position in our future Mayor's cabinet? Get in touch with a senior member.

We are also always accepting of donations from citizens that can afford to spend a portion of their wealth to help us with our social and political programs. Please direct all financial support to the Treasurer to ensure transparency and proper management of your donation.

For these and all other inquiries, please find us in the city or write us an e-mail.

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2019 August 12th

Chairman Theodore Connor has publicly launched a petition for free mayoral elections.






2019 August 13th

The management of the Weazel News Agency of Los Santos has declared to the DFP campaign staff, that they will not broadcast any advertisements in regards to democracy, political campaigns, elections, petitions or any other topics that they deem too "sensitive" or "controversial". 


It sounds like a chapter out of George Orwell's famous dystopian novel '1984'. A Weazel News employee gets called into the office of a Weazel News manager to be warned and disciplined for misconduct. Another gets screamed at over the radio. Their crimes? Publishing advertisements that promote free elections in Los Santos and advertising a political party. It is at this point that the Weazel News management must make a decision.

While at the beginning they thought they only had to reprimand one employee for the problem to go away, they are now facing several employees questioning the democratic values and morals of their management. Those seeking confrontation with their bosses to keep their journalistic integrity - and those too afraid to speak up against them. So they are left with no choice but to give an informal notice and warning to all employees. All employees are to refrain from publishing any advertisements that remotely have to do with democratic actions and public assembly. It is made clear to them that they are to ignore all of our future advertisement requests and that they will be watched closely.

But why all this? We have requested an official statement from Weazel News on this matter. And while the many journalists that we have talked to do not shy away from the question and openly tell us it is not allowed because the CEO and his managers must appease "the government", no management or employee is willing to give us a written statement with their name and reasoning on it.

While it is no secret that Weazel News's money printing machine does not run on quality journalism but advertisements, the connection between secretive "government officials" and the Weazel News management does raise many questions about the state of our democracy. We do support our free-thinking brothers and sisters at Weazel News and hope for their and our democracy's sake that censorship and oppressive behaviour will end soon.


Los Santos | Theodore Connor




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Fuck yeah im onboard. I'm Brandon Powers, founder and President of Hell Knights Motorcycle Club, The Farming Union, The Mining Union and the Fishing Union along with Black Ice Detective Agency and Satans Security that i own and operate. I also run the legalize marijuana campaign to fully legalize marijuana so it can be grown indoors and out. I'm to be reached at 3623096.

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Added number, added capital.

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Updated Press Releases #1 and #2.

#1: If you haven't already, please check out the petition launched by Chairman Theodore Connor on free elections in Los Santos. This is of importance whether you are for our party or support someone else. In order to vote for our mayor, we need the government to give us the elections that they have promised to us.

#2: You might have wondered why you haven't seen too many advertisements for our cause or the petitions. This is due to one reason only, Weazel News refuses to do so. Their management does not allow ads of political or democratic nature at the moment. Help us spread the word by talking to your friends, family, co-workers and strangers on the street. Our democracy is at stake.

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