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I am excited to announce that LS Magazine has officially started the journey towards becoming an official legal faction in Los Santos. It is going to take dedication from me, staff, and the fans of the magazine, all working together to bring this to life in a real way. 



The magazine was started in April and had it's debut edition in June 2019. It was in response to the city not having any solid publications dedicated to entertainment and city events. While Weazel News has a newspaper it is an inconsistent publication. LS Magazine was created by Bellamy James who was the last CEO Weazel News had. During the time at Weazel he became the principle writer for the newspaper and since his departure the newspaper has not had an issue released. 

Currently the magazine is set to run digital monthly issues that focus on a wide range of topics. This is just a small stepping stone to the long term future goals of the company and is only one service that we have our sights set on providing. 


There are a large number of goals that Los Santos Magazine has it's sights set on. Currently the only source of income that the newspaper will be able to make is by selling ad space in the pages of the paper. The only way to make this company viable and allowing it to grow will be to get the magazine into convenience/general stores. This is going to take a lot of hard work and prove not only worthiness but also consistency so that the magazine can be taken seriously in the eyes of the admins. 

After the company can start to bring in cash the services that are provided can expand into other forms of entertainment including podcasts, short sitcoms/dramas, and other events around the city. Another group is in works of starting a radio station and I think partnering with them to help each other out would lead to some great opportunities all around as well. 


The current state of the magazine does not allow for any hiring. There is no significant income of the magazine and any staff that is brought in will be purely unpaid and in it just to help build something that they are passionate about. However, if this seems like something that you want to be a part of and see where we can take this, contact me ICly and we can discuss the opportunities. While this magazine is my baby, I am looking for people with a like minded vision on what it could become. 


Currently the only vehicles/equipment used is my own vehicle and know-how. The company does have it's own business space and as of last week is officially a recognized company in Los Santos. The company is waiting to be certified/licensed by the city, however we were given permission to fully operate as a business until the time we are approved for good. 

As the company grows and income can be generated I would like to provide a company vehicle to the employees who are working on getting out into the city to collect photographs and stories. Having matching vehicles creates a sense of togetherness and will be important to operate as a faction together with shared goals. 



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This is simple yet awesome idea and will add to the media economy and system. Now aside from Weasel News and a few other outlets we have the " Los Santos Magazine "!. Really hope to see all sorts of sections, news, entertainment, music and business etc. This has potential for a lot of cool informative and cool releases!. Definitely going to keep an eye on the Classifieds section more often now. 👍

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