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A roleplay issue i have recently found

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Account name:kidairsofters

Character name:edengoetzinger

Issue/bug you are reporting: the issue i am reporting is to do with the police wanted system, one day on the server i was running form an officer and was after 5 minutes cuffed and bleeding out waiting for a medic, i bled out and died but still had the cuffs on me so natrually i went to the police station and tried my hardest to roleplay so i could carry on with my new life, the officers looked up my name and then jailed me for 20 minutes even though that isnt valid roleplay because i technically died juring the chase and never was properly taken to the polcie station

Evidence (optional):N/A

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While I agree that there has to be a way to remove cuffs on your own, it's stated under the NLR rule, that old criminal charges are not wiped after death.

isnt that a bit against the whole idea of roleplay, i mean it just isnt really goodroleplay in anyway i had to walk to the pd and try to roleplay just so i can get 20 minutes in jail

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