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Car not tunning

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Account name:kraatos


Character name:Kratos_Taliban


Issue/bug you are reporting:My car Baller does not change in the Saints mechanics, yes, I know how the tunning system works, I enter the car digit / modview and when I try to change the color it just does not change! And in the performance menu there's nothing, it's empty! The admin evolve said he informed the developer but more than 3 days ago that nothing is resolved about when I went to ask about the case I was still banned by desync. I hope this time in the forum help me.


Evidence (optional):


Trying to change the performance components


Trying to change the color 1



Trying to change the color of neon


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No information was received about this bug, that's why everyone must always report here. From the first picture I can see that there's a bug in the script that's causing the whole tuning process to break. I need you to give me the exact vehicle model, because there are 4 Baller versions on the server.

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