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Latin Kings

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The history of the Latin Kings begins in 1930s,but at this time they were known under a different name. In the beginning of 20th century a lot of Puerto Rican immigrants came to New York. A lot of groups were formed,such as ''Noble Knights'' (who have ties to today's  Latin Kings) or '' Young Lords '' . The group still has connection to these gangs. The founder of the original Latin Kings ''Papa King'' or ''Papa Santos'' . He started the gang in the 1950s in Chicago.




Latin Kings currently has a small amount of members,but we still doing our thing and looking to recruit more people in future. Usually other gangs are asking us ''which gang are you from?'' and then we answer with the pride that we are Latin Kings,we don't have a big amount of people in our criminal group,but we still never give up,we trying to get more in to a drug business and make our name well known in the city! As well currently we are loking to work with gun dealers,to be armed and be ready for anything !




:195_crown: To get a known name

:195_crown: To get leadership in drug dealing 

:195_crown: To get control of Vespucci Beach

:195_crown: To get more members in to the gang

:195_crown: To make a partnership with other gangs




🔺Drug making/dealing

🔺Car thieving and chopping

🔺Armed robberies

🔺Cooperate with Allies




:195_crown: The Street King :195_crown:

:195_crown: Hood Duke :195_crown:

:195_crown: Young Capo :195_crown:

:195_crown: Soldier :195_crown:

:195_crown: Recruit :195_crown:


Our IC rules is :

 ▫️ Be loyal to you're gang and never betray them

▫️ Do not cooperate with cops

▫️ Respect you're gang,allies and civilians

▫️ Always respond to the radio calls

▫️ Always wear/use black&yellow colors

 ▫️ Don't rob other gangs unless you been told to do so

OOC Rules :

▫️ Know all the server and rp rules.

▫️ Don't use cheats/system bugs for advantage

▫️ Remember that you can't tell any IC info OOC




If you want to be part of Latin Kings you have to find us,and have to talk with us. You might have to prove that you deserve to be one of us.

You can find us usually outside Los Santos or at Vespucci Beach,we wear yellow & black outfits and we drive black & yellow cars

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