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L'Ultima Famiglia

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The L'Ultima Famiglia meaning The Last Family started as MC crew The Last Riders moving from motorcycles to focus more on business. Some of the MC's leaders were originally from Italy and since they didn't have time for bikes anymore they moved to a more Italian family style of business. They moved around in black cars and purple ties taking their spot in the city trying to take more control over deals happening in the city. Then came the downfall. L'Ultima ranks shifted people changed, eventually the leadership left Los Santos to control other cities and L'Ultima was no more. Jonny Pesilo's brother Ruther Pesilo who acted as Jonny's consigliere back in the days, came back in Los Santos after he was disappointed with New York city. He asked Jonny Pesilo for his agreement and revived L'Ultima Famiglia with Jonny's blessings.       
L'Ultima needed new members since the old members have taken different paths into new cities. Ruther had setup a crew that were destined to revive the family to the same, or even better status then before. The Family has been setting up drug operations to create funding for the family. They would also hunt robbers since L'Ultima Famiglia always from its roots hated robbers and tries to protect the civilians. They are trying to get acknowledged in the whole city, setting up contacts with other gangs. In the meantime the family continued to grow for some time and when family had good leadership, they had a choice to make. Due to Ruther's beef with other gang leaders and high ranks from the past, they had to decide upon a new leader for the future of the family. There was a meeting set up and they voted for a new leader with Ruther's blessings to do so. Now the family will continue to grow under Nica's lead in hopes for a brighter future in the city.
L'Ultima is going to try to get more control over the gun deals of Los Santos and are trying to find overseas gun importing deals. They will still hold the same principles, keeping the city streets clean of robbers and help the innocent. The family is also focusing on their relationships with the biggest gangs and organizations of Los Santos. L'Ultima Famiglia are certain they are the only Italian family which fits into Los Santos, so keeping their place as the most powerful Italian family will be important.
Getting into the family is not easy, you are required to know one of our members and need to partake in a couple of tests. After completing these tests you will be aknowladged as one of our associates. Until one of our soldiers says you are trustworthy enough. If you are brought into the family by one of our members they will remain responsible for you until you can handle yourself.
Ranks above Soldier will be wearing a suit with purple tie and purple fedora.
Soldier rank will be wearing a proper attire with purple tie.
Associates wear purple long sleeved shirt with blank pants.
Our cars are white with purple wheels(for now).
Don: The leader of the family, the don will always have the final say in important descisions
and could kick someone out of the family wtihout problems if there is a good reason.
The Consigliere: The consigliere will act as an advisor for the Don and capo's, he should be available
whenever there is a contract being setup or if there is a tough decision to be made.
Caporegime: A capo will take care of organized crime in the city, they will gather 
made men and enforcers to help out and perform these crimes.
Enforcer: Enforcers are the leaders of the soldiers they will make sure every soldier does their job.
Whenever a soldier has perfomed well, the enforcer will let the capo's know.
Made men: These made men have proven themselves to be the best at their job,
they have shown skill and knowledge in what they do and will show this to soldiers and associates.
Soldier: The soldiers will perform tasks assigned to them by Enforcers or made men.
Usually this will be organized crime or setting up drug labs.
Soldiers will also show associates the way we do things in the city.
Associates: Associates are the newcommers in our family, when someone comes into our family
they have to prove themselves worthy of to carry our name one mistake can mean end of story.
1. Respect eachother.
2. Don't rob civilians.
3. Respect allied gang members.
4. Don't act on your own.
5. React to backup calls.
6. Lower ranks should always ask if they are unsure.
7. Gun deals.
1. Follow all rules of ECRP.
- Creating drugs.
- Keeping the streets clean of petty robbers.
- Regular meetings.
- Family activities (rp).
- Making money.
- Organized crime.
-L'ultima Famiglia is not a gang, we are family-
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You will never win if you never take actions.



We don't speak bullshit, so try not to let truth hurt you too much.



If you talk shit expect consequences.





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Next time think twice who you trying to rob.


Good crew never calls police, keep that in mind.


After productive day decided to take a photo.


Try new things, step out of your comfort zone, take risks, do things in ways you've never done them before,


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