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BIMD - Back In My Day.

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( The fall of the last great Bingo hall! )

It was a bingo night unlike any other. Betty Ainsworth was two numbers away from having a full house, and winning the grand prize of $2,000 and an all inclusive trip to Benidorm. Tensions were high at the Ainsworth table, her husband Victor and his brother Leo were rooting for her to get the two winning numbers! They could almost taste the sweet, sweet victory of Benidorm and the spending money they’d be able to use while there. That was when the number was called “Burlington Bertie - Number thirty!” Then, out of the silence, that BITCH Gertrude yelled out from four tables down: “BINGO!” and all hope of The Ainsworth’s winning that trip was lost. Then, uproar! The doors of the Bingo hall were booted open, AK fire ripped through the air, though; it was very hard to hear without one’s hearing aid, a indistinguishable gang had taken the Bingo hall hostage, demanding the prize money and the trip for themselves. Helpless to do anything; they had to hand over everything they had, but at least that BITCH Gertrude no longer had what should rightfully have been the Ainsworth’s prize.


( The retaliation in the name of Bingo! )

After the great fall of the Bingo hall, the Ainsworth’s knew they needed to do something, these young hoodlums believed they now ran this once respectful city. Crime was at an all time high, and what it needs is some good old fashion paypack! However, they knew that they should show that the old folks still have what it takes to compete with the youth of today, they would avenge their lost Bingo hall. Which, sadly, due to the frequent gang attacks was closed down for the safety of the residence. How were they to survive if not for the bingo? With anger burning in their hearts they took to the streets to cause havoc. They just want to show the youth of today that they have what it takes to compete!


What they lacked in strength they made up for in numbers!


( Assembling the elderly home into ranks! )

Bishop of Bingo:

The Bishop is the roles given to Betty Ainsworth, the mastermind behind BIMD and her husband Victor. The role of the Bishop’s is to overlook all activity from their numbers. They are the highest ranking members of the team, and are in charge of everything - except how much custard they get on their Apple Pie, the care home are damn stingy! Betty and Victor overlook all activities that happen in the gang and organise most of the activities that happen, they certainly are the people that people look to for approval before doing anything.

Popes of Bingo:

The Popes are Betty and Victor’s underlings, though high in the ranks. Leo Ainsworth, Victor’s brother, is the highest ranking pope. The role of the pope is similar to the bishop, they overlook gang activity and try to be the middleman for the lower members to see before taking it directly to those in charge. A pope is allowed to recruit members to the gang and remove members accordingly without permission from the Bishop as long as they have valid reason. They are able to promote people in the gang once given the okay from the Bishops.

Patriarchs of Bingo:

Patriarchs are avid bingo enthusiasts! They have shown commitment to the ranks and have exceptional bingo skills. The Patriarchs are trusted members within the ranks of BIMD and are able to help recruit others into the formation.  They also overlook gang activity and try to be the middleman for the lower members to see before taking it directly to those in charge, however, would only do so if a member specifically went to them, or there is no Pope available, they are also able to promote people as high as Archbishop once given the okay from leadership.

Archbishops of Bingo:

Trusted members of BIMD, Archbishops are members who have shown commitment and leadership abilities to the gang, and have a high chance of being promoted into a higher rank. They show true dedication to reviving the last good bingo hall.

Priests of Bingo:

The first rank given to fully fledged members of the Bingo. They are expected to represent BIMD respectfully.

Prospects of Bingo:

Recruits into BIMD. Prospects have no garuntee they will be welcomed into the BIMD, at this rank you would be treated like a recruit, if successful in your training process, then you may advance.

Bingo Enthusiasts:

Friends of the BIMD! These people are just friends, they may appreciate bingo.



( When they escape the elderly home! )

Often they don’t get out much, what with the security at the Elderly home. However, on the rare days they manage to sneak out and go to church, they make it their chance to cause chaos! However, on their down days, Betty, who is good friends with Father Joseph who owns the church, has managed to smooth talk and butter him up with some home-made cookies. He gave them special permission to host their own Bingo nights at the church. Since then, Little ol’ Betty commanded her husband Victor to overthrew Father Joseph, and took full control. They’ve since committed to hosting Weddings and Funerals there too as something to do when not causing chaos for everyone in Los Santos.


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