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Complete my profile - account doesn't exist?

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5-29-2019 8:35am MST


First step of Complete my profile is 'Eclipse Roleplay'. When I try to login I am not allowed because it says that my account don't exist.

i can login and post to the forums so i am pretty sure this account exists. lol

attached photo of error.  steps to replicate - try to complete profile (been 3-4 days in a row now)


Thank you for the help

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sorry about the delay, got sick

I have tried 
Eclipse RP account - tried and doesnt exist
Rage account - tried and doesnt exist
rockstar account - tried and doesnt exist

my husband got his to go through and helped me setup my account and he cant figure it out either.
he said he signed in with either his Eclipse or Rage account and it worked but its not working for this account

Thanks for the help

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Hi, Zombeelina.


I had the same issue for a long time as did many other people (you can search for "complete my profile" in bug reports).

Today I fixed it by accident 😄 . Here is how you fix it:

Click on the down arrow to the right side of your forum name which is displayed in the top left corner and log out of your forum account. Then log in with the data you use to log in into the server (IG). If your forum and ingame accounts are linked to the same e-mail, the system will recognize that both belong to the same person. Now it will ask you for another password confimation, here you use your forum account password. Completion completed.


TL;DR - IG acc mail and forum acc mail have to be the same
1. Log out from the forums

2. Log into the forums with your ingame data

3. Verify by using your forum password

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