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Applied March 12th

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There are so many applications waiting to be reviewed, if you check discord you can see dozen of people asking same question. They hired some assistants for that, so everyone hope their applications will be reviewed much faster!
Good luck to you!

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I don’t care how fast or long it takes. I just want an update to see what day they are on. That’s all I care about. Keeping people in the dark for 2 months is not cool though. Automatic emails that go out every week or something would be nice. 

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I can assure you we are working vigorously on doing applications. Due to privacy reasons, we aren't at liberty to provide the community with day to day updates, frequently. All we request is your patience while we work tirelessly to sort through applications.

Current wait time is 3-4wks. Keep active on our Discord. We occasionally post updates in the #general chat as per what day we are on, how many applications left, etc.



Support Staff

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